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JAXA is looking for talented and motivated individuals who are willing to work at the frontline of Japanese space development, space science and aviation technology.

Research on Space Science

The biggest challenges of space science are to reveal the mysteries of the structure and evolution of the universe, the processes of planet formation, and the origin of life.
Due to the progress of rocket and satellite technologies, space observations unhindered by the Earth’s atmosphere have become possible and X-ray and infrared astronomies have progressed rapidly. We have learnt about objects that used to be invisible. In addition, the history of the solar system is gradually being revealed through explorations of the Moon and planets. Space-based astronomical observations and planetary explorations have entered a mature phase.
We will continue further observations and research to investigate where mankind came from and where we are going, as well as investigate the past and future of the Earth

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  • Research on Space Science
  • Research on Aeronautical Technology
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  • Satellites and Spacecraft
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Challenging Space Frontiers

Space Transportation Systems

Development, launch and operation of launch vehicles, transfer vehicles to the ISS, etc.

Human Space Activities

Development, launch and operation of the International Space Station (ISS), the Japanese Experiment Module “kibo,” etc


Training and long-duration missions of JAXA Astronauts

Satellites and Spacecrafts

Space Exploration

Human and robotic space exploration to the moon and Mars with international partners

Field Centers

JAXA’s domestic and overseas offices, launch complexes, test facilities, tracking stations, etc.

Case Studies

Let’s See Our Latest Project

JAXA became a National Research and Development Agency in April 2015, and took a new step forward to achieve optimal R&D achievements for Japan, according to the government’s purpose of establishing a national R&D agency.

YAMa. Hiroshi
Virendra Sahu


Meghna Roy

India and Nepal Head

Santosh Gupta


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Cutting-edge technological power is required for conducting highly reliable aerospace activities that can attain safe and reliable achievements. For that reason, verification through research and development (R&D) is important, thus JAXA has been engaging in R&D in fundamental technologies that can be commonly applied in the aerospace field.
Technologies necessary for space projects that are exposed to the severe space environment are unique, and many areas are still unknown, hence researchs on them are leading-edge.